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Part 1of2 Thriller Live – West End Live 2010 – London

Part 1of2 Thriller Live – West End Live 2010 – London

London: 19 June 2010
Flash Alert! Flash Alert!
Now in its sixth year, West End Live is a packed weekend of free live on-stage musical entertainment for anyone who can find a spot to see it. More than twenty theatres showcase their productions to a packed Square and thousand more watch it on big screens hung around the edge. Tens of thousands more will watch it on my channel throughout the year. All of it is designed to tell the world what a great place London is to see a show. This year the Square was filled to capacity almost as soon as the event opened at eleven – I’ve never seen such a queue. The weather kept fine for most of the day. The music was loud and the crowd were singing, cheering, clapping and having a great time. What a weekend.

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  1. abbie8908 says:

    Who is playing young Michael here?

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