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Part 2of4 – The A Team – UK Premiere – London – Arrivals

Part 2of4 – The A Team – UK Premiere – London – Arrivals

London: 27 July 2010

Flash Alert! Flash Alert! Flash Alert! Flash Alert! Flash Alert!

I got there at six thirty and was number three. I’ve started tweeting with pictures today so for future events those who can’t make it can follow me on twitter, my handle is @elizabethtoni. We were entertained during our wait watching the crews build the stage and the giant screen that kept all aware of proceedings. The forecast rain made only a brief appearance in the middle of the day and before the start, that was nice. I shared spot keeping with my fanline friends (thanks) so I was able to pop back to base now and again to catch up, feed and water. Once it got going, there were plenty of autographs signed and poses made. The A Team boys arrived on the traditional red carpet in their van as everyone expected and posed for paps and did their media duties. There was the usual crush when the main stars came to my area but I still got some nice pics with the gorgeous ones. A happy premiere where one and all seemed to go away with a smile.

Stars in attendance:

Liam Neeson (Hannibal Smith)

Bradley Cooper ( Templeton ‘Face’ Peck)

Sharlto Copley ( H M ‘Howlin Mad’ Murdoch)

Jessica Biel (Capt Charissa Sosa)

Joe Carnahan (Director)

As usual, please let me know of omissions, errors and comments. Thank you.

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